Modeler Allies ’46: The Global War Against Communism

I am David Reese.  I am a mechanical engineer and a helicopter pilot.  Jeff Fontaine got me interested in this website.  I have a small file in the Gallery.  I started building models in 1970 when I was 6.  I started kit bashing cars when I was about 10.  (I lost interest in cars)   Now I do mostly aircraft, sci-fi, and some armor modeling.  I saw Star Wars on the big screen in NYC when it first came out.  Sci-fi has had the most influence on my drawings and model building over the years.  I learned a lot of model building skills on my own as I grew up, but I really learned how to model build when I joined the IPMS club in Fayetteville, NC when I was in the ARMY.  That is where Jeff and I became friends.  I have done a  lot of kit bashing over the years and still find it more fun and interesting than building right out of the box.  Few of my old models have survived moves (some were given away) but I have started to post pics of survivors in the Gallery for others to look at.  Some of my models are hanging in the Hobbit (Hobby Shop) in Fayetteville, NC.  This web site and starshipmodeler are my two favorites so far.  I like seeing the ideas others have come up with even if I already thought of a few of them myself (great minds think alike…)

I love Luft46 and about a year ago I come up with another idea based on that line of thought.
??What if we had decided to put an end to Communism at the end of WWII instead of letting them rule most of the worlds population??
Allies ’46:  The Global War Against Communism.
America, Britain, and Germany team up to destroy the Communist forces of the Soviet Union and China.
As WWII ended we realized the Soviets were going to keep all of the territory they had taken and enslave most of the world.  Because they were our allies (big mistake) we gave them the opportunity to withdraw and return to Russia.  They did not think we would actually do anything so they declined the offer.  The great politician General Eisenhower was killed in a car accident in London and George S. Patton became the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe (not because he was next in line, but because he was good and had the guts to do the job right).  American engineers and scientists were sent to Germany to help rebuild German industry (and the Luftwaffe) and learn about jet technology.  As a result the German jet engine life span problems were fixed.
The people responsible for the Holicaust were captured and punnished.  The Nazi Party was taken out of power.  Democracy was restored to Germany.  Lend Lease supplies were diverted to other allies…
As part of our working with them, the Germans switched to the old type of cross used on early WWI aircraft for markings (like what they use now…)
Early in the war anything that could fly was rebuilt and put into the air.
As the war progressed squadrons were formed that were made up of volunteers from any country willing to fight.
Several aircraft types were kept in production, put in production, or kept in service for the war effort: Me-262, He-162, He-280, Go-229, Ar-234, He-219, Ta-154, Ju-88, Fw-190 series, P-38, P-47, P-51, P-61, P-63, A-26, Meteor, Tempest, Typhoon, Vampire, F-80, F-84, Etc. Etc.
Many aircraft types were flown by both German and US squadrons.  US weapons were seen on German aircraft…  German paint was seen on US aircraft… etc. etc.
I have a long list of ideas for specific kits to build and will post them as I get done…

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